Thoughts of a Software Developer

ripgrep (rg)

On a previous post I talked about how The Silver Searcher was a very fast way to search through a codebase. I was made aware of a different tool called... Read more »

An Alternative to grep

As mentioned in the comments by @samatjain, ripgrep is a much faster alternative to both the_silver_searcher and ack. I’ve left this here for historical purposes. If you spend any amount... Read more »

Using Metabase with Docker and SQLite

Metabase, is an application that connects to a existing database allowing you to run analytics and create charts from their web application. One of the great things about Metabase is... Read more »

Batch Rename using PowerShell

This is more of a self-documenting post, as it doesn’t come up often but when it does, it’s not immediately trivial. I’m talking about batch renaming a bunch of files... Read more »

Jekyll Docker Environment

As you may already know, Windows is my preferred operating system. Ever since Windows 10, the UI has been super slick and Microsoft as a company has been making moves... Read more »